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Investo Consult Team

Our team members help our clients to achieve their financial goals and maximize their return on investment. By providing comprehensive and personalized guidance, we can help investors navigate the complex and ever-changing investment landscape with confidence and success.
The entire team accompanies clients from the first moment they enter our offices to the definition and achievement of their final goal with professionalism, experience and training.

All our professionals and internal and external collaborators ensure the satisfaction of investors, in the best way, on time and within the budgets assigned to the project they entrusted us.

Our team comprises experienced and internationally educated professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional service to investors.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

Warren Buffett

Who We Are

A team of professionals with extensive and proven experience in frontline management, large-scale project development, business development, and financing in local and international markets.

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Our vision is to provide high-quality and comprehensive consulting services to help investors all around the world to achieve their financial goals.

Our purpose is to offer expertise in different business sectors on connected services, including investment analysis, portfolio management, risk assessment, and financial planning.


Our mission is to provide expert advice and guidance to help investors make informed decisions about their investments. This includes analyzing market trends, evaluating investment opportunities and providing recommendations based on the investor’s goals and risk tolerance.

We strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism and integrity, ensuring that our recommendations are objective and unbiased. We are committed to provide excellent customer service, respond promptly to inquiries and solve any concerns or issues that arise.

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Modus operandi

The consultants who work in Investo Consult Partners are international professionals who have developed their professionalism in more than 25 years of activity, their long experience has allowed them to develop a modus operandi that they apply on every occasion:

Step 1

The entrepreneur, the investor who proposes himself to us at Investo Consult Partners to submit his project, his idea will therefore have a first meeting with our team, also via Zoom, in which we will be able to get to know each other better and above all better understand:

What: what is the subject of your collaboration proposal

How: what is how he intends to collaborate with us and make use of our help

When: what are and/or will be the times he deems necessary for the success of his project.

Why he considers his project valid and what is the result he considers satisfactory for him both from a technical, operational and economic point of view.

Step 2

Through the careful analysis of these 4 points we will be able to understand what we can do to help him, we will understand what are the possible negative points and which are the positive ones to make his project feasible and concrete.

Step 3

If the project will be considered feasible and the customer will be satisfied with our technical, operational and economic counter-proposal, a consultancy and brokerage contract will be submitted to our customer in which the technical, operational objectives, times, the economic clauses and those of privacy and confidentiality that will bind us to him for the success of the project.


Managing Director – CEO

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We invite you to confidently contact our office, to schedule a meeting where we can clarify your needs and our solutions.

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Founding partner of Investo Consult Partners, Aldo is the management figure responsible for all activities and guides the company’s strategies.

Aldo is coordinating the group of consultants and partners in the study and implementation of projects proposed by foreign or local investors.

His experience gained in about 40 years of managerial activity, first in Italy then in various European nations, in the United States and for more than 20 years in Romania. He guarantees to the international clients of Investo Consult Partners to have a partner who is able to understand and develop at best and with absolute professionalism the investment project.