Why a blog within a website called www.investoconsult.com?

June 15, 2023

The site belongs to INVESTO CONSULT PARTNERS srl, a Romanian company made up of international professionals and technicians experts in various disciplines who for over 25 years have been successfully involved in helping foreign and Romanian businessmen and investors to operate in the best possible way. ways on the Romanian market.


We are convinced, precisely because of our in-depth and varied knowledge of the social, business, banking, and, last but not least, Romanian political worlds, that we can, also by reading the articles that we will publish on this blog, offer to those who wish to read us a more in-depth reading key and certainly different from the stereotyped one that we are used to thinking of Romania and Romanians.


In the blog, we will deal with strictly professional and technical topics and social curiosities that will concern everyday life. Precisely to offer to those who read us, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and investors a point of view that reflects as much as possible the reality that surrounds us to allow them to better understand the area where they intend to invest, not only through dry figures, important for a good analysis, but insufficient to understand exactly where we are and where we can get together.


We, at INVESTO CONSULT PARTNERS, want to offer our customers investment opportunities, and business opportunities in Romania that are mutually beneficial for those who invest and also for the territory.


We believe in sowing good seed in fertile soil that allows the harvest of rich fruits over the years rather than in the arid exploitation of resources that only creates a momentary benefit that will soon vanish.


Thank you for reading this first introductory article and do not hesitate, if you wish, to get in touch by leaving a message or through our emails that you will find on the CONTACT page of our site.

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