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Land and buildings investments

We are not and do not want to be a real estate agency. We accompany, as consultants, our client to the most secure and profitable investment for him, helped by our professionalism and experience.

To do this we cooperate with the nation’s leading real estate operators. 

Investo Consult’s team of technicians is able to analyze and evaluate land, building complexes or residences highlighting any problems and possible technical solutions.

For our clients we are able to carry out studies and obtain from the relevant offices any necessary documentation and certification.

The law firms that collaborate with us, chosen according to the specific need of our client, will thus be able to check all the legal documentation on the basis of Romanian and international legislation giving an ok or resolving in a positive way any problems.

Industrial land

industial land

Agricultural land

land investment


buildings investment


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renewable energy investments

Renewable energy investments

The world of renewable energy is particularly vibrant these days. Even here in Romania we feel this moment of particular interest, but beware the client who wishes to invest in this sector must be sure to do so where he understands that he is dealing with professionals who are serious, scrupulous and attentive to the needs of their client.

Investo Consult employs a team of specialists from the best land search, project design, application for permits and certification, receipt of the various authorizations, implementation of the project and the final connection to the electricity grid follow the client in the same way they would know how to follow their own project, with professionalism, with love for their business, proud to have already contributed with absolute success to various important projects in the renewable energy sector.

Photovoltaic parks

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Aeolian energy parks

wind energy investo consult

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